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1. The Solution

1. The Solution

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Welcome to…..THE SOLUTION

*Must have completed prior advanced firearms training in order to participate. Other organizational training such as military and law enforcement is accepted *

Join us on April 8, 2024 in PHX, AZ for a 6 hour training event on Advanced combination course with both PISTOL & CARBINE.  This course is a buddy team event where you will learn advanced techniques used by special forces fire teams in an urban combat environment.

Private course with an active Green Beret combat veteran, where you will learn advanced rifle and pistol techniques from drills utilized by ACTIVE Special Forces teams training for combat.

-Advanced Fundamentals

-Transitional Drills

-Movement to Contact

-Down gun drills

-Fire team transitions

-Rapid engagement drills

And there will be a friendly competition stress shoot at the end. Top shot will receive a prize!

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